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At Orange Cryo Wellness, our mission is to assist you in gaining access to one of the most revolutionary health promoting technologies available today. Our knowledgeable, friendly team will guide you every step of the way. Once you experience the incredible benefits of cryotherapy, you’ll understand why we are so passionate about making it available to people like you.



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Cryotherapy is the process of using cold temperatures for their health benefits. This form of therapy has been used in different ways since the 1700s to decrease pain and muscle spasms, improve recovery, slow cell aging and improve health.

Athletes have been soaking in cold tubs and ice baths for decades, but recent innovation now allows for whole body cryotherapy (WBC) in a specialized chamber using liquid nitrogen and is the form most often referred to in modern references to Cryotherapy.

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  1. Our Cryosauna uses nitrogen gas to lower the client’s skin surface temperature by 30-50 degrees during a three minute session.

  2. Nitrogen is a non-toxic, natural gas. The air that we breathe is made up of 20% Oxygen, 78% Nitrogen and 2% of other components.

  3. Orange Cryo Wellness provides every client with a robe, socks, crocs and gloves that are used to protect your extremities during the treatment. 

  4. The energized effects from each session typically last six to eight hours post treatment.

  5. Depending upon the condition being treated, initially you should have 3 to 5 sessions in the first 8 days of treatments.


Client Reviews

“I love Orange Cryo, it makes me feel brand new after a long day of practice! This recovery mechanism works great!"

—  Justin Anderson of the Philadelphia 76ers


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Our Whole-body Cryotherapy (WBC) treatments are a revolutionary method of cold therapy; exposing the body to subzero temperatures ranging from -200*F to -256*. During the 3 minute treatment, the body is cooled through the use of liquid nitrogen vapor that stimulates the skin’s receptors to constrict the blood vessels and rush blood back to the body’s core where it is oxygenated and enriched. Post treatment, blood vessels dilate and rush supercharged blood full of anti-inflammatory proteins, endorphins and oxygen activating all of the body’s natural healing ability.


Our Cryotherapy facial treatments are a safe, natural alternative to expensive surgical procedures for achieving anti-aging results. Using a stream of vaporized liquid nitrogen to cool the skin, this 6 minute treatment produces an instantaneous tightness in the skin, filling in fine lines, and wrinkles. Toxins and other stored deposits are flushed out of the layers of the skin and blood perfusion is improved after several treatments.


Our localized Cryotherapy treatment is efficient in reducing pain, inflammation and swelling in targeted areas by the application of vaporized liquid nitrogen directly to the affected areas. The cryogenically cooled air creates a powerful icing affect that penetrates deep into the layers of tissue, increasing blood circulation and reducing muscle related tension and soreness. Sessions range from 4-8 minutes are commonly used in combination with whole body cryotherapy.


Our Cryo Toning is done using our state of the art Cryo T-Shock diathermy generator for wellness and aesthetics. This therapy hyper stimulates the tissue and skin, greatly speeding up all cellular activities. It has a proven high efficacy in aesthetics for slimming and body contouring. The results that Cryotherapy achieves also apply to the skin. It can immediately improve appearance by tightening skin and causing a healthy glow. 

About Us

In 2015, Robin Gupta traveled to Chicago to attend a seminar held by Tony Robbins that opened his eyes to a unique health and wellness treatment known as cryotherapy. Robbins called the treatment, which was originally developed in the 1970’s to treat rheumatoid arthritis, the best technology for getting rid of inflammation in your body.

Tony Robbins, the self-improvement titan has referred to cryotherapy as his favorite technology and said it’s a part of his own morning routine.

After hearing about the positive impact that it has had on Tony Robbins life, our founder was inspired to put that technology to use in helping change peoples’ lives.

Through additional research, Robin learned that whole body cryotherapy has been used for the enhancement of everyday health and wellness. The treatments have also become staples in the lives of some of today’s elite athletes and celebrities.

In June 2016, the first Orange Cryo Wellness center opened its doors in Northern Liberties Philadelphia, followed a few months later by the unveiling of the Conshohocken, PA and Avalon, NJ locations.

Our Core Values

OUR MISSION is to assist our clients in gaining access to one of the most health promoting technologies available today. In each of our franchise and wellness centers, knowledgeable and friendly team members guide clients all the way.


OUR VISION is to set a new standard for health and wellness in the United States through our expertise, training and customer satisfaction. We hope that once our clients experience the incredible benefits of cryotherapy at Orange Cryo Wellness, they understand why we are so passionate about making it available to new markets with locally owned centers across the United States.


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