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Whole-Body Cryotherapy 


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Learn About Whole-Body

Our Whole-body Cryotherapy (WBC) treatments are a revolutionary method of cold therapy; exposing the body to subzero temperatures ranging from -200*F to -256*. During the 3 minute treatment, the body is cooled through the use of liquid nitrogen vapor that stimulates the skin’s receptors to constrict the blood vessels and rush blood back to the body’s core where it is oxygenated and enriched. Post treatment, blood vessels dilate and rush supercharged blood full of anti-inflammatory proteins, endorphins and oxygen activating all of the body’s natural healing ability.

  • Fat Freezing

  • Wrinkle Removing

  • Body Contouring

  • Cellulite Reducing

Benefits of Whole-Body Cryotherapy

Why Schedule a Whole-Body Treatment

At Orange Cryo Wellness of Conshohocken we can treat the following target areas to help you meet your goals;

  • Face

  • Chin

  • Neck

  • Arms

  • Back

  • Abdomen

  • "Love handles"

  • Buttocks

  • Thighs

  • Hips

  • Knees

  • Calves

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